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Emergency Alert Solutions for Any Purpose

Legato Alerts is a group notification system with widespread applications, providing the peace of mind you need in critical times. The easy-to-use system can transmit a message to anyone via voice phone call, text message, email message, or a combination of all three in seconds. No more cumbersome phone lists or aggravating email/text chains.

Configuring a subscriber list is simple and customizable. Each subscriber can choose how an alert is sent to them and can update their own contact information, as needed. Legato Alerts is easy to set up and allows you to choose the service package that best meets your needs.

How It Works

Imagine a youth football team is meeting for a tournament, but there is a large snowstorm and a cancellation is in order. Legato Alerts can send out a single broadcast to reach every parent and child in seconds.

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We're in the Cloud

Legato Alerts is hosted in the cloud, so it can be accessed from anywhere. There is no software to download and no need to use your computer at the office. So if you are snowed in or deathly ill, you can update the system on the fly from any computer with internet access. There is no need to leave your home. This streamlined system brings efficiency to your operation and gets your message out quickly. In addition, the same exact message goes out to every subscriber, so there is no worrying about the message being mis-conveyed.

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It’s quick and easy to get your company or organization started with a Legato Alerts system. Within a few minutes you will have a powerful alerts notification system behind you to help get out whatever messages you need to transmit.

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