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Legato Alerts provides critical emergency notification services to groups of all kinds across the country. Using a subscription model, we help you connect with all of your designated contacts in a fast, reliable method for high-priority communication. With the combined approach of phone, email, and text messaging, Legato keeps all designated parties involved and informed as determined by you.

Legato’s services works for multiple groups, organizations, parties and businesses. Anyone who needs to manage information distribution quickly, to a large group of predetermined people can benefit from Legato Alerts. Operating a special event with invited guests and the time has changed? Legato can help. Running a business and employees need to be redirected to a new office because of natural disaster? Legato can help. Need to direct the team to a different game date at the last moment before the weekend? Legato can help. Whatever the urgent need is, the system can communicate the necessary information reliably to those who need to receive it in a timely manner.

Legato also assists in times of emergency when even the government and local public agencies cant assist. They alert large populations of people with basic emergency messages such as "stay inside," "a tornado is imminent," or "watch out for aftershocks." But they don’t provide a way to communicate other important information with targeted groups. When you need to provide additional instructions, Legato can step in and fill the gap with what needs to be communicated.

So when your business, group or organization has covered all other contingencies but still needs a communication tool for information distribution during a time of alert necessity, Legato Alerts is here. We provide the solution to help guide your people through the confusion that can otherwise occur.

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Legato Alerts offers a wide range of emergency notification solutions for all types of needs. We invite you to find out how we can help your organization stay better connected in critical times.

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