How It Works

Legato Alerts is a group notification or emergency notification system that can help your company or organization get in touch with its people fast and effectively. If your organization has time-sensitive information, Legato Alerts can initiate a broadcast of critical information immediately.

Ever had an emergency or late cancellation, and wished there was a way to get in touch with your employees, staff, parishioners, or members, all at the same time? If so, Legato Alerts can help.

You send out a notification to all subscribers on your list
Your subscribers can choose to be contacted by using a voice phone call, text message, email message, or a combination of all three.
The service is totally customizable and your subscribers can update and change information as it is needed.
You and your subscribers will be able to login and edit the information entered.
You can change the way the alert is sent and the addresses and phone numbers to which the announcements are sent.
There is no need to worry about missing a message because when something changes, the system can be updated.

Legato Alerts Can Help:

Employers with a need to communicate with their employees in the event of a weather or other emergency.

Youth sports teams and leagues with a need to communicate with players and/or parents.

Churches and other non-profit organizations with a need to communicate with their members and parishioners.

Schools that need to communicate with their students and/or parents.

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Legato Alerts offers a wide range of emergency notification solutions for all types of needs. We invite you to find out how we can help your organization stay better connected in critical times.

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