Alerts! For Business

To be a successful company, you need an open communication system with well connected employees. Legato Alerts helps bring this vision to life by streamlining your broadcasting efforts so you can get company messages to all of your employees, anytime, anywhere.

A consistent message makes for a better work environment because all employees have the most current information and are operating under the same goals. Foster cohesiveness and instant communication by giving employees the critical information they need to succeed, whether its an emergency or not. Automated system alerts streamline the accuracy and efficiency of your company’s communications.


Legato systems can alert all subscribers to office closures due to inclement weather or power failure. It can also be triggered to inform employees of meeting cancellations or to explain the need to reschedule a cancelled meeting.

Property Management

Alerts can be set up to inform tenants and maintenance employees of issues, closures, and updates to building and living conditions. Every tenant will be informed and this makes for happier tenants and workers.

Retail Locations

Often, a company has multiple locations and many employees travelling from many different places. Legato Alerts can help notify employees of power outages, closures, or changes to scheduled hours through timely, efficient messages.

More Money in your Pocket

Every minute saved is more money in your pocket, so why not use the fastest possible way to inform employees, tenants, and operational support of changes and updates? Businesses need to keep infrastructure costs down. If an employee is informed of a situation as it happens, during a weather interruption or other disaster, it will be cost effective and beneficial to the company to have organized support and notifications.

Say goodbye to the days of mixed messages, and say hello to comprehensive, consistent and timely alerts

All business plans are based on the number of subscribers and include all standard features. There is no setup fee and you can cancel at any time. For additional billing and payment options, contact us.

Starting at $39 / Month 50 Subscribers
No Long Term Commitment
No Setup Charge
  • 50 Subscribers - $39.99 / Month
  • 100 Subscribers - $49.99 / Month
  • 250 Subscribers - $124.99 / Month
  • 500 Subscribers - $249.99 / Month
  • 750 Subscribers - $349.99 / Month
  • 1,000 Subscribers - $499.99 / Month
  • 1,500 Subscribers - $749.99 / Month
  • 2,000 Subscribers - $999.99 / Month

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Legato Alerts offers a wide range of emergency notification solutions for all types of needs. We invite you to find out how we can help your organization stay better connected in critical times.

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