Alerts! For Sports Organizations

Ever arrived at a park or ball field and couldn’t locate any of your teammates only to find out later the game was canceled or scheduled to be played somewhere else? Using Legato Alerts, sports organizations can quickly inform players, coaches, parents, officials, volunteers, and anyone else that needs to know with an easy-to-use message broadcast over voice phone call, SMS text message, email message, or a combination of all three.


You have a lot to be concerned about, but last minute changes and how you let the team know about them shouldn’t be one of them. Whether team only or league-wide changes, you’ll have what you need to lead your team to victory.

Players & Parents

Quickly notify players and parents in the event of changes to game time schedules, cancellations, or changes of venue.


Making bad calls on the field is one thing, but missing a game because you didn’t get the right information is even worse. Now all umpires, refs, and officials can be notified – all at once.

Team Volunteers

Getting community members to volunteer time and resources can be difficult; don’t lose team volunteers because of miscommunication. Alert them to changes early, and they will be back to help again.

A Winning Combination

Legato Alerts can be your new star player because everyone will be in the right place at the right time. Players have routines and they like to know that the rest of the team has all the pertinent information to make the right decisions to lead the team to victory.

With easy, efficient messages sent to inform the league, coaches, teams, and officials of any important event, Legato Alerts is actively helping sports organizations nationwide.

All team plans are based on the length of the season and number of subscribers. There is no setup fee. For additional billing and payment options, contact us.

Starting at $39 / Season 25 Subscribers
4 Month Season
No Setup Charge
4 Month Season
  • 25 Subscribers - $39.99
  • 50 Subscribers - $49.99
  • 75 Subscribers - $74.99
  • 100 Subscribers - $99.99
6 Month Season
  • 25 Subscribers - $49.99
  • 50 Subscribers - $74.99
  • 75 Subscribers - $99.99
  • 100 Subscribers - $119.99
12 Month Season
  • 25 Subscribers - $99.99
  • 50 Subscribers - $149.99
  • 75 Subscribers - $199.99
  • 100 Subscribers - $249.99

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Legato Alerts offers a wide range of emergency notification solutions for all types of needs. We invite you to find out how we can help your organization stay better connected in critical times.

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