Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Legato Alerts?

Legato Alerts is a group notification and emergency notification provider with a streamlined, customizable solution for all your alert needs. We assist in getting notifications out so you can make better decisions that help your organization grow and succeed. Legato has been around for over 15 years and provides software solutions to the banking and finance industries as well.

How do I get started?

Getting Started is easy. You can set up your Legato Alerts notification system right here on our website, just click on the “Get Started Now” tab. Filling out the information will only take a few minutes.

How is Legato Alerts different from other notification systems companies?

Legato Alerts offers a streamlined, “cloud-based,” multifaceted notification service at the best possible price, with pricing options to fit any company or organization. Legato Alerts offers message broadcasts over voice phone call, SMS text message, email message, or a combination of all three.

Legato Alerts will even set up a local phone number that will be associated with each individual client’s company or organization so that when the alert is received the subscribers know that it is a genuine alert originating from the local phone number that they know.

Does my information stay private?

Yes, the information of our clients and their subscribers is private and can only be seen by authorized personnel.

How do I input the information of my subscribers into the database?

Subscribers’ information can easily be inputted by the administrator of the service. In some pricing plans, the subscribers can edit their own information by setting up a login on the cloud website.

How do I maintain the "master" subscriber list?

The subscriber list can be updated and maintained by the administrator at your company or organization. The lists and the categories of subscribers on the list can be changed and customized by you, depending on your service type.

Who in my organization has access to the subscriber update system?

Generally one login will be created for the Administrator. It is up to you and your company/organization to say who will have access to this login.

Can a subscriber change their information at anytime or does there need to be an update request?

Depending on the package level that your company/organization purchases, it may be possible for subscribers to edit their own information at any time. The Administrator of the Alerts system can also change subscriber information at any time.

What is the “Labeling” feature?

The labeling feature allows you to tag subscribers so they can be organized into groups. A subscriber can have more than one label. Whether you send an alert to everyone or just the subscribers with certain labels, the choice is yours.